What you say and how you say it matters.

Make your words count.



What is Successful Improvements?


A personalized service translating what you want to say

into a polished and effective message that works for you.



Which position applies to you?


You need something written to share with clients, prospects, donors, members, employees, customers, or for a special event, etc. You have an idea what it should say and how it should sound, but you're not sure how to get started.


You have something written and it's not working for you (confusing, awkward, too long, too short, outdated, needs a "touchup", or it's just plain wrong for what you had in mind).


Either way, help is needed.


Transform your thoughts into a clear and effective message with Successful Improvements!



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  • Brochures
  • Manuscripts
  • Annual Reports
  • Solicitation Letters
  • Internal Documents
  • Special Event Scripts
  • Organizational History
  • Grant Proposal Narratives