Kerri M. Holloway

Editor, Copywriter, Program Facilitator



I enjoy helping people share their story. Whether it’s guiding an author through the editing process, or helping an entrepreneur or organization describe what makes them unique, I'm inspired by those who press forward to help others.


It's energizing to work with someone who is passionate about how their efforts can make a difference. Genuine zeal and determination are contagious!


I'm humbled and grateful that God blessed me with the gift to transform ideas and words into the amazing message that people intended.


The end result should not only elicit a "wow", but it should sound authentic, like it came directly from your mouth.





My background extends twenty-plus years, with a particular focus on the needs of youth, women, and families:

  • St. Louis Publishers Association
    • Editorial Directorcreate original content and edit article submissions for monthly newsletter
    • Board Membercollaborative planning, training, and networking to benefit members and visitors
  • Witty Writings
    • Editing:  editorial assessments, service detail (developmental edit, copy edit, line edit)
    • Copywriting:  back cover and about-the-author descriptions, foreword 
  • Community outreach (St. Louis, MO) 
    • Rites of passage collegiate scholarship program, high school seniors
      • Written communications trainer, mentor
      • Create master scripts, revise order of existing ceremonies
      • Logistics coordinator and stage director for gala celebration
    • Service learning program, girls ages 6-10
      • Created monthly interactive experiences, including field trips
      • Established relationships with local charities for donations and community service
      • Volunteer coordinator and parent liaison
    • Performing arts organization, past board member
      • Strategic planning, fundraising, administrative support
      • Volunteer and event coordination
  • Community outreach (Reno, NV)
    • Past board member of AFP, Sierra Chapter
    • Facilitated annual grant evaluations and distribution for corporate foundations
  • Master of Business Administration
    • Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Concentration in Marketing





As a kid, I devoured books and always checked out the maximum copies allowed from the library. In my free time I used to rearrange the furniture in my room and organize the clothes in my closet and drawers.


As an adult, I keep all my closets color-coordinated, and I’ve added magazine subscriptions (ranging from Fortune and Consumer Reports to Essence and Writer's Digest) together with my ever-growing list of great books to read.


I love watching the Wheel of Fortune. I’m a big fan of Scrabble, especially the solo versions on your smart device, which is So. Much. Fun. Plus it’s the best way to learn all the awesome short words using the letters Q, V, X, and Z. Check out these gems:  


FEZ—a red felt hat

Qatan evergreen shrub

Suq—a marketplace


Vug—small cavity in a rock

Zax—cutting tool for roofing materials


These are all Scrabble Dictionary approved. Use them during your next challenge and win the game!




IMAGE CREDIT:  Kerri M. Holloway