Kerri M. Holloway

Editor, Copywriter, Program Facilitator


Over twenty years of professional experience working with nonprofits, small businesses, youth programs and church ministries (brochures, solicitation letters, annual reports, campaigns, grant awards, volunteer coordination; manuscripts; logistics, coordination and master scripts for special events):


  • St. Louis Publishers Association
    • Board Membercollaborative planning, training, and networking to benefit members and visitors
    • Editorial Directorcreate original content and edit article submissions for monthly newsletter
  • Witty Writings
    • Editing and copywriting services:  editorial assessments, exhaustive narrative edits, back cover copy, typesetting 
  • Extensive work with nonprofits / community outreach
    • Sorority rites of passage collegiate scholarship program for high school seniors
      • Written communications trainer
      • Logistics coordinator, stage director
      • Mentor, committee member
    • Sorority service learning program for girls ages 6-10
      • Committee Chair:  volunteer coordination, parent liason, creation of unique interactive experiences on a monthly basis
    • Former board member, performing arts organization
  • Master of Business Administration, Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Concentration in Marketing



  • Avid reader (books, magazines, current events)
  • Word games enthusiast (Scrabble, Boggle, Wheel of Fortune)



I'm inspired by people who press forward to do what they can with whatever they have, even if it's not the ideal situation. It's energizing to work with people who are passionate about what they do. Authentic zeal and determination are contagious!


I'm humbled and grateful that God blessed me with the gift to transform ideas and words into the amazing message that people intended. The end result should not only elicit a "wow", but it should sound authentic, like it came directly from your mouth.