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Great storytelling isn't necessarily based on the most exciting, clever or funny content. It's all about delivery.  



How can you express yourself in a way that is:  

simple, clear and to the point?


You've been working on this book for months, years, (decades even!) and you're finally ready to: (a) hand it over for serious editing, or (b) begin exploring your publishing options. Believe me, I understand at this point it's become like your baby. You've carried it in your brain for so long and you're nervous about handing it over to some stranger's chopping block.


This is more than just having a fresh pair of eyes proofread for typos. The complete story is fully contained in your mind. While it's impossible to fit the entire panoramic view of your thoughts into a single manuscript, a precise editor will point out the gaps and wrinkles within the narrative, then skillfully organize what's written into the complete story you intended.


Ready to hand your "baby" over for its first trim?

Let's get started.  



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Tell Your Story with Successful Improvements!




  1. Editorial Assessment (Introductory or Full)
  2. Manuscript Editing (developmental, copy edit, proofread)
    • Organization:  outline to maintain natural progression
    • Focus:  clarity and relevance
    • Revise:  correct spelling, grammar, punctuation
    • Preservation:  authentic tone and style
    • Commentary:  detailed notes with suggestions for adjustments, corrections, and re-organization if necessary
  3. Creation of back cover text and foreword (if needed)
  4. For Self-Publishing
    • Custom page layout and text format
    • Preparation of interior pages for print production



Full service manuscript editing for:


Adult (nonfiction)

Christian ministry, women, family, autobiography / memoir, journal, poetry


Youth (fiction and nonfiction)

Simple illustrated (infant/pre-school), early readers,