Writing Help for Your

Church / Ministry


  • You answer the call of the Great Commission.
  • You need to spread the word about your ministry.
  • Your primary goal is to care for the needs of people, both earthly and eternal.
  • You want the true spirit of your service to come across clearly in writing.




Whom do you serve?

What makes your Church / Ministry fruitful?

How do you represent the hands and feet of Christ?



Each church / ministry has its own unique way of serving people. Whom has God called you to serve? What do you provide that meets a specific need? How do you know your service has made a difference (testimonials, change in behavior, better quality of life)?


A diverse group of people can benefit from your services. That diversity extends past your membership, staff, and inner circle, from across town and beyond. Make sure your message can be understood by all.




Reach Out and Touch with Successful Improvements!


Marketing Materials

Declaration of faith, church history, ministry group descriptions, leadership bios, testimonials, service programs, brochures, pamphlets



Partnership descriptions, fellowship invitations, grant proposal narratives


Internal Details

In-house communications, manuals (employees, volunteers, members)



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